Lostgallifreyan theme for Four Winds Mah Jong 

This page contains an image and a link to files for the Lostgallifreyan theme for the game 'Four Winds Mah Jong'. Four Winds is a computer program by Arto Tenkannen in Finland. It can be found here:

The image below is a 1280x1024 pixel image of a game that is using this theme. Double click the image if you want to see (and close) a full size view.

Trying to catch a Dragonfly hand. Very difficult to do...

To make the game use this theme, several files are needed. They are all included in a single ZIP file Lostgallifreyan Theme.zip. To use the theme, unzip the directory "Lostgallifreyan (24-bit)" with all contents, into the custom themes subdirectory of an installation of Four Winds Mah Jong version 2. If you use the registry file "Mah Jong.reg" it will merge enough information to the Registry to select the theme in advance of the next time you start the program. The theme supports five resolutions of game display: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1240x768, 800x600, and 640x480 pixels.

Despite taking over ten years to develop this theme in great detail, there are no sound or MIDI files because the theme is based on laser imagery, and despite what Hollywood might think, lasers are generally silent. I have heard that a multi-kilowatt CO2 laser, cutting aluminium, screams like fingernails drawn down a blackboard, but this theme is not based on that kind of laser...