Poem___1.      The Twilight Zone Reigns.                               Apr 1988
   Poem___2.      The Soundsmith.                                         Jul 1988
   Poem___3.      Friends's Graveyard.                                    Sep 1988
   Poem___4.      Of Power In A Pembrokeshire Sky.                        Oct 1988
   Poem___5.      Writer's Block.                                         Dec 1988
   Poem___6.      The Comedy And Tragedy Of Street-War.                   Apr 1989
   Poem___7.      Creeping Death.                                         Jun 1989
   Poem___8.      A Road From Rags To Riches.                             Aug 1989
   Poem___9.      The Winter Slopes.                                      Mar 1990
   Poem__10.      The Dream.                                              27/04/90
   Poem__11.      A Car-Crash.                                            03/05/90
   Poem__12.      The Spoon.                                              Jul 1990
   Poem__13.      Surge And Recession.                                    28/01/91
   Poem__14.      Pictures Of Lenin.                                      24/08/91
   Poem__15.      Declaration.                                            12/11/91
   Poem__16.      A Computerised Poet.                                    Nov 1991
   Poem__17.      Recession And Election.                                 Apr 1992
   Poem__18.      Review Of A Success Story.                              12/09/92
   Poem__19.      Dead Building.                               04/08/90 - 29/09/92
   Poem__20.      Strangeness Owing Nothing To Madness.                   16/12/92
   Poem__21.      The End Of Imperialism.                                 15/02/93
   Poem__22.      The Art Of Living.                                      04/03/93
   Poem__23.      An Exercise In Bad Taste.                               10/03/93
   Poem__24.      An Exercise In Good Taste?                              12/03/93
   Poem__25.      Home Horror.                                            17/06/93
   Poem__26.      A Dream Of Unearthly Light.                  Jul 1993 + Jan 1994
   Poem__27.      The Guardians Of The Small.                             07/03/95
   Poem__28.      Once And Future Witness.                                Summer96
   Poem__29.      Lasermania.                                             Autumn96
   Poem__30.      Retrospection.                                          11/10/04
   Poem__31.      Recession, revisited.                        26/07/10 + 05/01/11